Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too Young To Masterbate Am I To Young To Masterbate?

Am I to young to masterbate? - too young to masterbate

I know I already posted, but it bothers me. I am 14 and like porn is strange for a girl. I know what I feel a little personally. I kno one of my friends, is not normal?


hope2hel... said...

Masturbation is completely safe for men and women at any age, and very good for your health.

Boys tend to want more porn than girls, but some girls like too. Think carefully about what you see, remember that the actors and actresses in porn films are real people who have parents, siblings, friends, just like you. If you do not do not want in a movie that you see are participating, it is fair to the others from? Decide what you may be accepted, and I see nothing that makes you feel guilty. However masturbate as much as you do not want to - hurt.

kabey said...

dang I do not remember how young I was when I started doing it, nobody told me what happened just a little, but I was too young and do not think it's weird to watch porn, I do, but not control Do not let your life, like some people. Hope this helps:)

cankerso... said...

I am a man and I started masturbating when I was about 9 or 10 and I had my first orgasm when I 12 years.

There is a reason why you masturbate, it's the same reason, young children choose their nose and eat it. It is in their nature. The company is an abomination of nature, where young people say they have sex, and certainly not pregnant, while people aged 18-40, most children, like on the head!

The company says, a nose and choose their own mucus, eating is serious, but we did as children, at least once, but our parents have not stupid because they think they know better than Mother Nature, arrogant, stupid! I'm 16 and I still eat the mucus from the nose, not unpleasant, is relatively tasteless, like the interesting texture. Free (to strengthen my immune system as a waste of resources to try to) sum up the same! o.0 course I'm in public, lol. Seriously, I've never had someone say to me, like a child, I am distracted, does not cease to. ^. ^ I recently learned that the benefits and see what happens if you follow the design of nature? ^. ^

Brad said...

They are friends could simply lie.

It is open to people, that is, if you say no, you're lying.

I know that many girls in my school masturbate GR 9 ().

So basically, yes, okay, and you're not too young.

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